emmastudies: Weekly study schedule printable


Weekly study schedule printable

After releasing my monthly calendar printables in several colours, I decided to publish my study schedule with a few different options in design and colour! I’ve had so many people say they’ve been really helpful and that makes me so happy! I’m just pleased to know that something small I’ve done has the ability to help someone who needs a little bit of organisation in their lives.

For ease, I’ve created entire Google Drive folders for the timetables starting on either a Monday or Sunday. You can then go through to pick whether you’d like it with or without times on the left-hand side. Then you can pick a colour, download it and print! Click the links below to access the PDF files.

Monday start (includes with and without times, and four different colours)
Sunday start  (includes with and without times, and four different colours)

If you need some inspiration on how to use your new timetable, check out my sample! Other examples you can see on my blog or on my tagged photos on Instagram!

I hope you enjoy using these and if so, I’d love to see them in action! Feel free to tag me on Tumblr with #emmastudies or on Instagram with my username @emmastudiess in any photos you upload. If there are any problems or errors, please let me know via my inbox.

Disclaimer: This printable is for personal use only. You may edit it yourself if you like, but please do not redistribute without my permission. Thank you!