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I am in no way an expert, but these are the few things I’ve noticed while I was studying for my ib exams. 

1. Use Post Its
I think we underestimate how useful post its are. I find that writing down notes on post its and tagging them on the pages really helps me during revision, especially for content heavy subjects like literature and history.

2. Colour coding 
I really enjoy making my notes ‘pretty’ so that I would want to look at them again and again and again. Therefore, personally, lack of colour makes my notes dull and I find them boring to read. Colour coding is good too cause its easier for your brain to remember things based on the colour that you’ve assigned. 

3. Booktab
Having mini tabs and tagging all the important pages saves you SO MUCH time.  When you’re trying to cram in some last minute information an hour before the exam, you don’t have time to flip through your 800 paged textbook.  So save yourself the trouble and booktab important pages! 

4. Handwriting notes
I find that handwriting notes make things easier to remember. HOWEVER, sometimes you just don’t have the time for it. So, you have to be strategic! you can only handwrite certain subjects and digitalise others. 

5. Time 
Timing is so important. The earlier you start, the more time you have to do revision. If you’re still making notes one day before the exam, you clearly didn’t have enough time. You should have planned your revision so that you have enough time to look through and try past year papers. 

6. Notebooks
compared to binders, I really think notebooks are more useful. They give you a sense of organisation because ALL your notes for that subject is in one place. Unlike binders, you won’t ever lose a page or mix up pages. 

7. personalise! 
your notes are, ultimately, yours. The only person they should matter to, is you. So, always make sure your notes are formatted to cater to you, and they are easy to understand for you. as long as it works for you, even if the rest of the world doesn’t understand, it doesn’t matter! 

I hope you guys found this useful! All the best in your exams!

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10.22 Today was really busy for me, I was at uni the entire day, but I was able to get a bit work done which is nice. I also spent an hour at the library after school printing out all the PowerPoint presentation so I can start to study for my cell bio midterm which is next week >.<

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314 | I still have a few more weeks of interning before I’m back to class, but I’m back to revising old notes to prepare to be a teaching assistant this winter! This weird little purple rectangle is actually a candy wrapper from Iceland. I was there two years ago but kept the wrapper because I liked it so much.

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This week has been crazy. I’ve been out and about, going to fairs and meeting new people, and I got the incredible opportunity to go to an Ed Sheeran concert. I’m exhausted most of the time but I hope next week brings new challenges and new satisfactions 🙂 I’ve got some tests, assignments, and my student paper interview coming up so I’m ready to tackle those tasks!

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I’m back. 

Hi everyone; sorry for the kind of unannounced hiatus. I’ve been struggling to settle into my new university here in the United States. Things have been a bit tough, needless to say, but I don’t want to bore you with details. 

I plan on posting a lot more and getting back into using tumblr more and more now. Two weeks of university has already passed. I’m still struggling to fit in and make friends, but so far, I’ve met some very kind people. 

I hope everyone is doing very well. So much love and kindness is going out to you. Have a great day everyone, and have a great Labor day to those residing in the States <3

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July 8, 2018

If you have any suggestions of more places I should add to my travel list feel free to drop them in my inbox! ♡

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I apologise for hardly ever posting on here… I mostly post on my instagram, so sometimes I forget that I have this tumblr 😭. Here is the other side of my team rocket spread. I love Giovanni so much 💖

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September 11 2018

First I just wanted to acknowledge that today is the anniversary of the tragic event that occured seventeen years ago, prayers to those who lost their lives and/or were affected 🙁

I got some of my syllabi for my classes this quarter and I’m excited!! I’m taking an honors seminar on Art & Trauma and there’s an actual art project component (!!!! YES) and then my biochemistry lab is basically covering the same stuff I do in my research lab so I’m hoping it’ll be easy!! I’m taking 20 units so I’m looking for the most help I can get lol