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“"Turbine Blade Fabrication Using a Lost Wax Coring Technique”

“This film is from Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory, now known as NASA Glenn Research Center. The film looks at addressing the problem of turbine inlet temperature and the benefits of air-cooled blades. A promising blade is the fabrication of cast air-cooled blades using a lost wax technique…”

NASA Langley Research Center Film L-708"

5 minutes

Dawn O’Mara sitting on the edge of the front cockpit of a de Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth biplane, circa 1953.

Depiction of the flight of M. Poitevin, July 14, 1850. M. Poitevin and his horse flew over Paris in a hot air balloon. Poitevin later declared having seen Paris from so high, that the city looked like a map.