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school has been making me anxious and stuff lately…..I’m a freshman in college. if any of you are in college and have advice, that would be greatly appreciated.

School-related stress is something I’ve always struggled with. I’m a second year student in University, so I definitely have a few things I always do which help me out!

  1. Have a set time in the evening when you stop doing homework. You’ll sleep much better if you aren’t studying right up until your head hits the pillow, and taking a few minutes before bed to read a book or journal can make all the difference in the thoughts that swim around your head before falling asleep.
  2. Exercise. Everyone says it, but only because it’s true. When I’m feeling especially stressed over an assignment, exerting myself definitely helps take my mind off things. I would add that it helps to choose a really tiring, energetic activity. I use a mini trampoline, but something like shadow boxing or jumping rope (or even lunges if you don’t have much space in your study spot) would also do the trick.
  3. Find something to wear that grounds you and makes you feel comfortable. It could be a piece of jewelry, or your favourite t-shirt. I think of it as my ‘armor’. For me, wearing makeup or outfits inspired in some small way by book or movie characters really helps to banish feelings of anxiousness.
  4. Talk to your profs about your anxiety. It helps for them to know, so they are less likely to call on you for answers in class (if public speaking is something you struggle with).
  5. Hot bubble baths. Candles. A book.
  6. Have a playlist of calm, low-key songs to listen to while studying or even while walking around on campus.
  7. Write down everything you need to do and everything that is worrying you. I mean everything. Then go through the list one by one. Schedule your time so you can get the do-able tasks done. There might be some things on your list of worries that aren’t as easy to deal with (say, family or financial troubles). It helps to talk these out with someone, or write about it if you’re more of a private person.
  8. Schedule down time, too. Make sure you do the things you love.
  9. Please eat properly. I’ve been having a hard time with this myself because classes and work are so busy, and it’s an easy habit to slip into to skip lunch or something in favour of getting more work done. But when I have a drop in blood sugar, I inevitably regret it. So please eat properly! Pack small snacks like crackers, nuts, granola bars, and fruit in your bag for on-the-go.
  10. You don’t have to get perfect grades or be perfect or look perfect. Just be. 💕

Thank you so much!

I second all of these! I’m in my final year of university now, and one of my worst habits is to just keep studying until I’m too tired and fall asleep.

I know that if you’re really worried about a deadline, sometimes this will just happen. If I know I’ll probably not stop until I go to sleep, I usually try to schedule a break with friends on my course for half an hour to an hour just after dinner.

We usually go to the pub attached to our building at uni (idk why that’s there – such a temptation) and have a chat and a drink (often just a coke) to unwind and get some inspiration to get back to work💃🏻

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